The Next Best thing?


It's hard not to get excited about chatting with someone who seems to be a match. Yes, there's lots of sex going on, but usually, it's a hit and run..there's always something about them that makes them not a match.

Work has been so busy lately..I've been working late, starting early, working weekends..but it's all good. I'm loving it. It does make maintaining a blog very hard and checking out other blogs, which I used to do religiously, impossible.

I do get on Grindr..MH, CL, the usual places. You know, it's like in the background, I'm multi-tasking..just in case something  inspiring should come up.

Yesterday I was on Grindr as I was traveling to another County.  I received many messages and by the time I was done with work, and headed home, it was too late to follow up on them. Some didn't respond that day (you know how that is on Grindr) and I got messages the next day. One was from a guy who sent me a message and didn't have a pic. He was a 27 years old, 6'0", 195, white dude. "I'm in shape and have a place" he wrote. That next day, he sent a pic and he was indeed  very, very hot. We chatted for a while..and he's a "safe white, bottom." Says he's engaged, has his own place and is looking for a regular buddy..someone he can trust..someone who he can meet up with on a regular basis for friendship and sex..DAMN! Right up my alley!

I know, it's Grindr....he could be a nut...he could disappear..but, it sounds real good. Something I've been searching for since "R"...

He tells me he's "really into me " is "totally interested" and closes the conversation with "XXOO".  We've decided to chat again later in the day and make an appointment to connect on Grindr.

At 3:30 he's on again and we chat.

"I really want to build on something..I want one guy to enough to have the right way." he says.

Hmm..I'm thinking..that could only mean one thing..

"Well, that's OK" despite my trepidation of unprotected sex. "I just don't think we're there yet. I mean, we could lead up to that at some point. We'd have to get to know each other..we'd have to be into each other. There would have to be an understanding. We're definitely not there yet." I say.

He then invites me over. his place.

"What do you like to eat?" he asks.
"Anything..I like all foods..I like to try new things." I say.
"No seriously..I want to make you dinner."
"Nice!" I say "...that's sweet. I like fish..but, I'm not particular, just don't eat McDonald's or fast food."
"Me Either" he says.
"Should I bring desert?" I ask.
"Nah..just your smile, hot ass and big cock" he says.
"Well, you may see the smile..but probably not the ass and cock. If we're doing this right..."
"I know..but, I can try, can't I?

We laugh..plans are set. Maybe I haven't lost faith in finding someone real..someone to trust..someone to spend some time with on a regular basis. After all, I've had a lot of sex recently..lots of guys..and nothing has come of it..and it hasn't made me happy, hasn't really been what I wanted.

Is this real?

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