Tittie Tuesday: On-Line Romance


So, I used to read this blog for several years that is no longer going. The dude that wrote it was super funny, and he just blogged about everything - life, music, products, celebrities, really anything that was funny to him. He was a fabulous writer.
Anyway, about a year and a half ago, he started to dwindle. He would blog 5 days a week, then 2-3 times a week, then once a week, once a month, then he finally said he was going to sell all his stuff and move, and he was not going to blog anymore. We, his followers, we were all very bummed, and tried to talk him out of it. He said no, he was quitting. He said he'd keep his blog up, so we could talk amongst ourselves. On his farewell post, he would chime in now and then, in the comments area, saying how the move was going. We were all saying how much we were gonna miss him, and I said I would really miss him. He came back with a reply that he had looked for me on facebook, but couldn't find me. I told him I wasn't on facebook, but here was my email address. He took it off his post, and then we started emailing each other.
At first, it was only 1-2 times a week, but after a few emails, something changed. He asked me where I lived, and I told him, and mentioned that I happened to be floating naked in my pool that day. Well, he took that as an invitation to start flirting. I guess maybe I was flirting. We then both kinda said, Wow! Are we flirting? I guess we are! The dam broke, and in about the span of 2 emails, we were writing super sexy fantasies about each other, and he was sending me cum shots! When I got the first one, I was floored! Then they started pouring in. Almost every email had an attachment of a shot of his exploding cock. At first, I thought he could be sending me cock shots of anyone, but then I noticed his arm in one of the pics, and it had a partial visual of a tattoo. I had seen another pic of him a while back, and I could see a hint of that same tattoo. So, these really were him.
He has such an amazing sexual imagination. He lives in a very warm place, and he has an outdoor shower. So, one of my favourite fantasies that he told me was that he and I were having sex in this wonderful outdoor shower in the warm sunshine. He describes how he lathers up my body, slowly massages my tits, and then massages my pussy with his soapy hand. He goes into intense detail about what he is feeling, and how he makes me cum again and again. It is really hot. Then he'll say something like, "Ok, now I'm hard as a rock from thinking about doing this to you. I'm going to go take care of my cock." Then a few minutes later, I'd get another email with an attachment of his cum shot. He'd say in the email "Look what you did to my cock, you naughty girl!"
So, for a while, we tried to figure out how we could meet each other. We both really wanted to. I really wanted to have sex with him. He knew I was married, and I knew he was living with his girlfriend. Neither of us cared. He said to me, "Just know this. We will be together some time, and we will have sex for hours. There are so many things I want to do to your body. I have to. I just have to." After reading his emails, I'd have to, just have to, run into the bedroom, and masturbate immediately!

I love our little online romance. It has been going on for over a year now. It is not as hot and heavy as it was when it first started. Now, we will email about twice a month or so, sometimes more, and we do the live gmail chat quite a lot. I hope the less frequency doesn't end like his blog did. I think I'll email him right now......

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