Kickin' My Ass


I went to that class. Was held in a nice studio. When I got there, the prior class was using the studio and we had a few minute wait. From the looks of it, our class was going to be very small - turns out it was only 6 guys. It also looked like there wasn't going to be anybody in the class that I would be interested in either.which was kind of a disappointment. Most of the 6 were probably in their late 30's..but just based on shear initial attractiveness, I knew there would be no hook-ups.

Soon, the instructor arrived..although at first I thought he could have been another student. He was youngish - probably late 20's early 30's. Great looks, lean, nice hair..great smile. He walked up to the group waiting, and spoke with the class organizer. He then said hello to the 6 of us, and, of course, I could be imagining things - but, there was some nice eye connection when he said hello to me.

When we entered the studio, we all got our mats. "I'm going to work you guys hard" he said. I was in the front row of 3 rows of 2 guys each. He ended up rearranging my mat in order to allow better spacing - pulling my mat almost in line with his. Maybe this guy was interested?

He told us he was an instructor to many dancers, even was the "trainers  - trainer" teaching many of the people who work at the areas most exclusive clubs.
He began the nearly 1 1/2 hour session with a quick but brisk warm up. I've done lots of working out - playing ball, spin classes. I would never consider myself out of shape. I would even classify myself as arrogant when it comes to any class - like "this class won't be too much for me!" That, apparently, would change. In this class there were no weights involved - lots of yoga poses, combined with crazy unbalanced movements. In a matter of 5 minutes I was dripping sweat. We stretch forward, doing "planks" lifting one arm, raising a leg, pulling in and out with the arm and leg, switching arms/legs, balancing with one leg in front of another, raising my arms overhead, stepping side to side, then again..5 times.."8 more!" the hot instructor would tell us, then, when you thought you couldn't hold your arms up anymore, he'd say again: "8 more!"

Then there was the squats..the positioning burned your calves..your thighs were also on fire. Some of the moves were "dancer-like" requiring balance and flexibility as well as coordination that I just don't have. Often, I'd be falling over on the pose. All the while, he'd encourage me.

Being in front I had little view of what was going on behind me. Lots of times, I just couldn't hold the plank, or lift my shirt was drenched, my mat was now dotted with drops of sweat. My mouth felt like I had swallowed a mouthful of ocean water it was so salty. Sweat poured off me. Still, I worked on.
Finally, it looked like things were winding down in the class. We were matched up with a partner (Damn! I wanted the instructor!) and helped each other bend, stretch and flex. Of course the instructor could do splits, bend to touch the floor and beyond.

When done, I went over to the instructor and thanked him for his time. "You worked hard. he said. "You should be proud of yourself."

The next day, I checked out his name online, Facebook, etc. Apparently, this guy is 29 years old, and is quite the accomplished actor. He was in  soap operas, Broadway plays, TV and film roles. I emailed him that day to thanking him for his encouragement and kicking my ass!

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