Tittie Tuesday: Blow Me Away


Wow. My bud, Explorer Jack, had a question for me. He wanted to know if I like giving blow jobs.
Ok, so that is a really great question! Do I like giving blow jobs? You bet! :D I know I have an audience of experts, so you guys most likely know way more about it than I do. Plus, you are sporting the equipment, and I'm not. But let me just say that I love the feel of a slick cock in my mouth. I love playing around, and when a dude pulses his cock in my mouth, oooooh, I love that! I love to swirl my tongue on the underside of the knob, and flick my tongue in that slit. I like to lick the shaft from the base all the way to the tip. I will admit that I do use my hand a lot at the base. I like it to be not too huge. I have kind of a quick gag reflex, and if the cock is too big, um, then I end up going for more of the head, and using more hand.
I am one who likes to lick all around the area, as well. I love to tongue the balls, if they are smooth, and also kiss and lick the thigh area next to the cock, and I love to lick the taint. That's the area between the balls and hole, right? It's where the "seam" is. I like to tickle that seam!
Ok, now the next question is obvious - do I swallow? I almost hate to say this, but no, I don't. I had a bad experience the very first time I blew a guy. Short story is that he fucked my face hard and fast, and blew his load in my mouth with no warning, and I was totally unprepared for it. Since then, I have learned that communication is key. You gotta tell me before you blow, so I can pull off, and finish with my hand. I do want to work on this. It's also a texture thing for me, cum is. I need to figure out a way to wean my way onto it. If anyone has any ideas on this, please let me know!
If you are married, and your wife doesn't want to give you bjs, chances are that she doesn't want you to blow in her mouth. Just do her the favor, and pull out. If she's not afraid of you giving her that surprise, she will probably be more willing to do it. I love the feel of a hard slippery cock in my mouth, just not the squirt. I'm willing to work on that, though!
You know what I love? Giving the blow job up to a point, then having amazing sex! Whew!

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