Tittie Tuesday: A Dream


I must be dreaming.....

I woke up this morning, very unwillingly. Have you ever woken up, remembering what you were just dreaming, and you were just dying to go back to sleep to continue that dream? Well, that was me today. I didn't really feel all the way awake, so it was easy to slip back into the dream.
I was thinking about my online lover last night, and thus, I was inspired by him during my sleep. In my dream, I was in that state between asleep and awake, and I could feel the weight of a very warm body on top of me. I could feel a hard cock pulsating inside me. I love that feeling. My body was responding to that natural rhythm that lovers share. It's such a turn on to be fucked awake, right? My lover was making my dreams come true, coaxing my body to respond to him. He came somewhat quickly, and he continued to pulse inside of me. I kept thinking in my head, don't pull out.......
Then, a little while later, I felt warm, wet pulsing again, only this time, it was his tongue, thrusting into me. Mmmmmm, that feels really good. He was holding my hands in his, and making love to my pussy with his hot wet mouth. I was in heaven. Don't stop......
I realized I could hear soft jazz coming from the other room, and it sounded beautiful and relaxing. I was cocooned in my down comforters, and I was so comfortable and cozy. I imagined my lover and I in a very shallow pool just a few inches of water, somewhere tropical. The trees blocked out most of the sunlight overhead, and you could hear water trickling into the pool. I was laying between his legs, I could feel his cock pressed against my stomach, my cheek resting on his stomach. I started to kiss my way up his body, shimmying myself up as I went. He was totally hard, and I guided him into me, sitting up and lowering myself onto him. Ahhhhh, I love that feeling.
His hands are on my chest, and I'm establishing that age-old rhythm. He pumps faster and faster, until we both explode, and we both lay back in the shallow pool, laughing, touching, kissing each other.
I'm smiling. My eyes are closed. I don't want to leave this place. Just let me sleep.

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