Tittie Tuesday: Mouse at Play


Ok, so I'm very excited! I met a boy...... yes, I met a boy! Let me give you the deets.

So, all this past week, hubby was away on a boy's trip. Fine. So, I decided to go see my parents, so I drove over there. Mind you, when I say I drove over, it's in another state. I love my parents, but they are getting up in years, and the older she gets, the crazier my mom gets. The biggest problem is that her hearing is starting to go, so she doesn't talk, she yells. And she has no filter. Whatever pops into her head, comes right out of her mouth. So, she's an endless stream of trivia and gossip, stuff I don't care about, in level 10 volume. It's the worst when you're watching TV, and suddenly she needs to tell you about the neighbor's mother who had cancer and died. But, sorry, I really digressed there, didn't I? Back to this boy.......
So I am at the mall, and I'm in a sports shop where you can buy professional team gear, and I was in need of some new Giant's gear cuz, yea, I'm a huge Giant's fan.
The store is pretty crowded, understandably, since the Giants are bad asses, and they are kicking major ass. It's kind of a small store, and there are about 50 customers in it. I've got my stuff, and I'm in the very long line when I see this very tall guy. Now, I am attracted to tall guys. I think tall boys are very sexy. So, I'm scoping out this guy, and he works in the store. He's flitting around, helping people, and he passes by me and flashes me the most gorgeous smile I'd seen in a long time. I smile back, naturally.
He walks by me again, and asks me if I found everything I wanted. "I don't suppose you have any Posey jerseys left, do you?" He smiles at me and says no, they are all out of Posey, but can he find me anything else? So, we start chatting about the Giants, and we get onto pitchers, and then I ask him what he did to his arm. His arm was in a sling, I may have forgotten to mention that! He says he just had shoulder surgery, and he proceeds to take off his cast, and show me the scars. He has a scar on his elbow, too, and I said, "Tommy John?", and he says, "Yes! I had Tommy John last year!" Then he tells me how he also broke his pelvis last year, and I couldn't resist. "Can I see those scars, too?" And he just laughs this incredible boyish laugh that just made my heart smile. He has these huge clear blue eyes. He has dark hair, in a crew cut, and he's 6'4". Yum, yum. He had to go help some customer, and then it was my turn to pay. When I was done at the counter, I looked for him as I walked through the store, but he must have been in the stock room. Oh, well. I didn't want to be a stalker, and hang around, so I left. But before I drove back home today, I decided that I needed a new baseball hat. So, I went back to the mall, and he was there in the store again. I went in, and went right over to the hats.
"That would look cute on you." I turn around, and there he is, in all his tall, blue-eyed glory! "Well then, I'll get this one", I say and hand it to him. The store was very busy again, I mean the Giants winning the World Series and all, so he said he'd take it to the register, and he went off to help someone else. As I was leaving, he was standing by the door. "I like the hat. Thanks." "My pleasure. I'm Daniel." He sticks out his hand. I don't shake it, but I hold his hand in mine, and tell him my name. He smiles again. I tell him it was nice to meet him. "You too. Come see me again, ok?" "I will!", I say.
So, I guess I will be going back to visit the parents very soon!

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