Tittie Tuesday: Sex on the Beach


The name of a drink, right? Right. Well, not always. So, here's my story about sex (almost) on the beach.

I was with a friend of mine. This is in college, and we used to go to the beach, about a 30 minute drive, and all the girls would go topless, and it was fun. Well, they finally officially made the beach a "clothing optional" beach. So, then when we went, we'd see a naked body or two occasionally. Well, one day, as we're laying topless, we're kinda watching these two guys. One of them is peeling off a wet suit, after having just come out of the surf with his board. And let me tell you, this boy was fire! He had kinda long dirty blonde hair, he was super tan, and had no tan lines. And his body was to die for! I had to hold myself back from drooling. His friend was no slouch, either, but not as tan, not as built, but still very cute.

My friend and I looked at each other, and both had the same thought - we gotta get them to come over!!! So, we started shouting "Hey! You guys want some beer?" That got their attention right away, and probably the fact that we were topless helped, too! Surfer dude pulled on some board shorts, and they headed over to us. We decided to pop on our tops so we wouldn't feel weird. We offered them beers, and they sat down with us. I was totally hot for surfer dude, and sadly, so was my friend. I hate it when that happens. So, we chatted about crap, school, etc. Surfer dude and I were really hitting it off. Then I saw my friend and the other guy get up, and they said they were going for a walk. That was fine. So, surfer dude and I walked up to the water, and kinda played in the water a bit. The surf knocked me down a couple times, so I had to go out deeper so I could pull my bottoms down, and get the sand out. He thought this was pretty funny, and kept trying to get me to just take them off completely. We finally walked back up, and sat down near some very large rocks, in a sort of secluded spot. We stopped talking and started kissing, and I let him take my top off. He told me I had the best tits he had ever seen. Really? Ok, who am I to argue?

So, we fooled around, but I stopped him when he went for my bottoms. He didn't have a condom, and I didn't even know his last name. I wanted to have sex with him, I just couldn't let myself do it without protection. He said it was ok, but I could tell he was disappointed. Yea, aren't they all. So, we decided to get up, and go walking to find our friends. We walked over some boulders, and nearly fell on them! They were having sex, right on the beach, right there, out in the open for whoever wanted to see! "Wow! Sorry!", we both kinda stumbled, and went back the other way. We laid back down on our blanket, and after a little bit, here they came. We chatted some more, and then we decided to go.

They both wanted to go out that night, and so we picked a restaurant to meet at, and then we packed up and started walking back to the cars. The two of them were ahead of us, and surfer dude said, "It was really fun meeting you. I had a great time. I wish I could see you again," "What do you mean?" I said. "We'll see you guys at the restaurant." "Maybe", he said. "Problem is, we both like you, so it's a little awkward now that he's pegged your friend."
I was a little bit stunned by this. We said good bye, see ya later, type stuff, a few more kisses, and we were back on the road. My friend was very excited, and couldn't decide what to wear for that night. I sat there, not saying anything. She went on and on about how great the guy was, and yea, she couldn't believe she let him fuck her, but it felt right, and they were probably going to be seeing each other now, and blah, blah, blah. I just sat there.
So, she picked me up later on that night, we were looking hot, and we drove over to where we were meeting. We waited. And waited. I knew they weren't going to show up. It was awful. My friend looked like she was going to cry. I couldn't tell her it was her own fault - that he got what he wanted, and so why spend money?
We ended up going to dinner, and then she drove me home. Several times she would say, "I just can't figure out what happened?" and "I thought they liked us."
I just said, "Well, those guys were jerks, and they don't know what they're missing." I never told her what surfer guy said. I kinda wished I had given him my number, though!

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