Repost: My First Real Time


There's a reason why I'm re-posting this original story. It was one of the first pieces I wrote here on Bi Like Me. It has a lot of significance today..and on Wednesday, and'll see why.

My first time with a man, as a horny college student happened in my Freshman year. I was working in the school store and was there a few times a week. My supervisor was a Senior, tall, blond, very built and very cute. David used to visit me often..checking up on my work. Soon, I realized his visits weren't purely business-like.

David began the curious courtship by making comments about cock size, about sex, about girls...He soon moved onto replying to my retorts of "blow me" or "fuck you" with "YES" or "right now?" or "ok". It got to the point of him daring me to take out my cock..and following up on my comment of "blow me". I obviously said these things after a while, knowing we were leading to a hot place.

Eventually, we would lock the door behind us in the office and drop our pants and jerk off together. He would often blow me. For a first time experience it was pretty hot. It also made me nervous as shit that someone would find out, walk in on us or something. We continued this for a few months. Mostly him servicing me, jo or sucking me. There was never any anal stuff going on and I to that point, never gave a guy oral. That didn't happen for a long time after. We'll eventually get into that story.

I remember the last time I had any interaction with David. It was the end of the year. I was at a party, got totally shit-faced. I also totally forgot I had work that day. Eventually, I got a call from David. "Where are you? Don't you know you have to work today?" I was so buzzed that I agreed to come down to work to see him. I was also so freaked out that I made a friend of mine come with me. Unfortunately, this story doesn't end in a three-some of hot, sweaty, college bodies.

When I got to the building where I worked, David was visibly upset. I left my buddy downstairs as he summoned me to his office. Apparently, David had planned an extravagant send off for our last time together. He ordered pizza (ok not so extravagant, but we were college students), beer, etc. I look back now, and realize he had feelings for me beyond pure sex. He planned an intimate dinner for me, and here I was unappreciative. I was just nervous that he'd blow my cover. I left there with him upset..and me insisting I had to go. It was a bad way to leave someone who cared about you. But it was not in my abilities, relationship wise, to appreciate what was going on. I left, and never heard from him again.

I wonder what happened to "Dave". I feel bad that I treated him that way. But, I was a nervous closeted college student. Too immature to understand my feelings. All I can say is sorry Dave and thank you.

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