Tittie Tuesday: Deck the Halls


Ok, On my drive home from the mall, I was appalled by something. The complete utter ignorance of some idiots in how to decorate their homes/yards for Christmas.  I mean, c'mon, peeps! Use at least a little taste and common sense! Can I just list some of the more egregious infractions?
* Inflatable cartoon figures are ridiculous. They are stupid, and should be against the law. They look dumb. It makes your house look like Romper Room. Get a fucking life.
* tossing a string of lights onto a bush is not considered "tasteful". Really? Do you think you're "decorating" if you just throw a string of lights willy nilly onto a bush? No! In fact, they now make a net of lights that can be tossed over a bush that actually looks nice.
*Don't put up a string of lights that have 50% of the bulbs out. Seriously? Test them before you put them up, dummy. If they are not all lit, throw them away, and go get new ones. Don't do things in such a half-assed way. The nerve .....
* If that string of white lights isn't long enough to go across the edge of your roof, don't join it up with a string of red, and then a string of orange. Please!!! Make a plan before you start! There is a thing called a measuring tape - use it!!!
* If you can't figure this shit out, call me, and for a reasonable fee, I'll do it for you - tastefully... That way I won't wretch every time I drive by your house....
Thanks for listening. I'm glad I got it off my chest. I mean, c'mon. My chest has no room for that bull shit. My chest does have room for roaming hands, tho! And hot, wet mouth..... Oooops. sorry for the digression..... Oh, yea, and if I squeeze them together, my chest has room for a sweet cock to slide in and out. Yep, I have room for that....... :)
Christmas kisses and holiday wishes.

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