My search for David wasn't a stalking. I had no sexual ideas about meeting him or talking to him again. Frankly, David, at this point in time, probably wouldn't be my type. He'd be close to his 50's by now..and who knows how time would have treated him.

I sent David a message..a message I had sent to probably one or two other "David's" before.

"Hey. Are you the David that went to XXX University? The guy that worked at XXX?" I wrote.
Shortly thereafter a response:

"Yes, that's me! How are you!" he responded.

Jeez..I found him. My first man on man sexual experience. Where do I go from here?

"I'm great!" I tell him. I see you've made your way to the West Coast. How have you been?"
"Things are great here." he says.

Then, he gives me his personal email address where we continue our conversation. He tells me about his work, how he's moved around quite a bit. Worked for some very prestigious companies..and has done some great traveling around the world.  Sounds impressive.

I tell him about my job. About my career changes and struggles. But, in the three or four emails..nothing personal..nothing sexual..not anything that would answer my questions about David. Then I open the door:

"Don't know if I should ask..but I will: Did you ever marry? Any kids?"

Monday: more..

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