Eating Disorder


I've decide...I think I have an eating disorder. I've been talking to people in my office.  They think I'm crazy. They hear me talk about my workout routine.  Early morning..every day at the gym.  They see me eat what they call bird food...they see me avoiding the candy..the snacks..the soda.

Today I got: "So, you're not gonna have some of the cake so-and-so brought in?"
"Nah." I say.
"Is that why you're chewing gum?"

Come to think of it..that is probably why I'm chewing gum. It keeps my mouth busy. I guess if I'm working..maybe I don't think about eating anything since my mouth is still chewing. Also, if I'm chewing I'm less apt to spit it out and replace it with food.

Yes, I guess have a disorder. I don't stick fingers down my throat and throw up. I don't purge..and I don't starve myself. It's a disorder of the mind.  But, I look in the mirror and don't see the body that I want to have..

I'm Manorexic.

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