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I've recently started watching the TV show Glee. I've heard a lot about the show and pretty much after I saw an episode, I was hooked. Was it the amazing character stories? The wonderful singing? The acting?  Yea, was all that..but, also the cute guys!

If you haven't seen the show, it's about the Glee (singing) club in high school. But the members of the club aren't your normal high school students, but seem to be outcasts in the school: the wheel chair bound geek, the fat black chick, the fat white chick, the popular girl wannabee, the goth girl, the dimwitted cheerleaders, the gay guy, and the lesbians.  It's a club full of misfits yes, but, in this case, it's also a club full of talent.  They soon recruit the school quarterback, the new kid at the school and the school bully.

The clubs members do have lots of talent, and they're like no group of misfits I've ever seen. For the most part, they are beautiful people... the guys are incredible, and the show, probably in order to maintain their teeny-bopper girl and gay guy audience have exploited the guys on many occasions. 

The Glee club's fearless leader is Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a talented young teacher with hip-hop skills and a heart of gold. His character has had love interests with another teacher, and that has given him the opportunity to take of his shirt and show us his chiseled body and great abs. I wish I had a teacher like that in high school!
Another fabulous talent on Glee is the gay character Kurt, played by Chris Colfer. He often wears clothes that are, well, just "out there" as far as showing his sexuality. When you look at him, there's no denying where he likes to take it. While he's ubber-talented, he's also ubber-effeminate, making him a target for homophobic jocks picking on him and due to this bullying he ends up transferring to another, all boys school.

There are other more notable hotties on Glee, like a super, incredibly  hot guy named Chord Overstreet. He's blond, blue eyed and has an incredible body which he seems to always show in a shower scene, or in the locker room or even on stage as Rocky Horror Picture Show's main monster! He's great to look at, but even in my fantasy world, out of my league.

His teammate and rival on the show is the All American
Cory Monteith, the high school quarterback and a super cute member of the cast.

Then there is Puck, the mo-hawked rebel, whose a great male addition to the cast, as is the "Asian guy on Glee" which is an aptly named Facebook page on the actor, Harry Shum Jr. He's got some great dance moves and is great looking too.

But, my favorite, is none other than the all boys school main character and Kurt's new boyfriend: Darren Criss. He's sensitive, talented and like the rest of the boys on Glee..HOT!

If your interested in some good, funny, entertaining programming..check it out. You may also satisfy some fantasies of your own!

Just to tickle your ass with a feather:
next week: Ross returns!

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