"How about tonight?" he said.
"Huh?" tonight? I was shocked.

He never is available at the spur of the moment lately...never at the drop of a hat..I mean...I was just offering..he was having a tough time lately.  I wanted him to know that I was there for him.  If he wanted to talk..maybe we can do lunch, dinner one night..and I offered, not really thinking he would accept.

"How about tonight?" he said.
"Well, are you sure? I asked.

I mean..I wasn't prepared.  I don't know that I'm dressed as nicely as I would have dressed if I knew..I don't know that I'm liking myself all that much today/this week/this year.  I'm certainly not liking this suddenness.

"How about tonight?" he said.
"Doesn't tomorrow lunch work better? Or Friday dinner?" I said.

I shouldn't feel this way, I know. I should just check my schedule, work it out with the family and say yes. What's the biggie? I'm not going to get sexually involved with him..It's a's a friend.  We're just going to talk.

"How about tonight?" he said.
"OK. I'll make reservations? Regular place? I asked.
"Yes" he said. "Sounds good. I'll call you on my way."
"Alright" I responded.

and with that the plans were made. After another long time..Ross and I have decided to meet for dinner..on my offer to talk..not about us..about him. The troubles he's been, him..his inner struggles...

Never mind dinner...Jeez..I need a drink!

Tomorrow: Reservations

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