Idol Chatting


The wait was surprisingly short.  He was on time. He came up to see my office and by the time he got here, I was alone..everyone else had left for the night.

There were many times that Ross would come to my office or me to his, when we would have privacy and we'd end up having sex right there on the carpet.  We often laughed that the carpet in my old office should have been packed and taken with me, along with the desk, conference table..etc.  There were many hot and happy times spent there.

As I showed him around I felt some nerves that we'd succumb to our usual habits.  He sat in my chair, smiled his approval at my new digs and we chatted briefly.  I then said, we better get going in order to make our reservations.  We left..and the floor, thankfully - but maybe regretfully - was no worse for the wear.

We went to the restaurant and checked in and got "our table" as expected.  Ordered our usual - minus the alcoholic beverages. I have no doubt that had we imbibed as we usually would, that we would have ended up having sex. It was a weeknight and I had no intention of ending up in bed with Ross.

We chatted..mostly about him..about his troubling work situation.  I gave him some advice, and we kinda brainstormed the situation to try and figure out some solutions to his problems. I felt like I helped him.
More than once, he stopped, looked at me and said, "So, enough about me, what's going on with you?"
Ross never comes out and says exactly what he means..well, rarely.  He won't say "dating?" "meet anyone?"  "want to have sex?" - becomes a cat and mouse game..and a guessing game as to what he means.

"Me? know..the usual. Work has settled down. It's really good, I'm very happy there. Wish it was a little busier, but definitely a good move." I said.
I went on: "Family's good..other than know..more of the same."

"That's it?" he said. "Nothing new?"
"Nope..nothing." I responded.

Then we talked about his work again...and there was no least not in the restaurant....

Friday: A Fit Ending

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