Coffee Break


It had been a while since I heard from or saw Jones. After our "three-way" episode...he kinda disappeared. I know he had work issues and was dealing with that.  But, my emails went unnoticed..and I figured, maybe my comments about not being as excited about our last experience bummed him out.

Anyway, it was not for lack of wanting or trying on my part. I certainly was horny enough at times to need someone, and again, I tried to contact him. No response. So? What's a man to do? Move on.

My wife and kids went our of town for the weekend. Work and other family issues kept me alone, at home.  I was incredibly horny, and was hoping my free time would be occupied hanging out and fucking someone new.  Best laid plans...

After work, I went on CL, and other assorted sites. I put myself out there, responded to some ads and looked feverishly around. 9pm, 10pm..then, just went on cam..watched some guys..and then let them watch me blow a huge load.  Fine. They seemed happy, and I was able to go to sleep..but, not really sexually satisfying as I had wanted.

Next day, more of the same..with no luck. Then, my free weekend was over, back to work. I get an email from Jones...basically asking how I was...long see.  Yes, I responded..and hopefully we're going to see each other soon.

It's good to have someone to hang with once in a while..even if there lacks that special connection. He obviously isn't looking for anything serious, and well, since the sex is great..I'm happy to be his little top hookup every once in a while.

More to cum.

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