Discriminating Tastes


I was at the sauna. Sitting in the jacuzzi and this guy walks in, and sits in perpendicular to me. My eyes are closed and I'm just relaxing, enjoying the jets against my body.

Then, as has happened before, this guy brushes up against my feet..I guess as a test to see if I was open to more. I don't move, don't open my eyes.  Then, another brush and I press the bottom of my feet on his outstretched legs.

We lay like that and then, eventually I get up.  But, it's like feeding a hungry cat some milk..they always come back..and sometimes with a vengeance. I've apparently stoked the fires of a fire that I can't put out.  This guy follows me into the steam room, the sauna, the showers, back to the jacuzzi...

Not that he wasn't..uh, mildly attractive..and not that I wasn't crazy horny (I was), but I determined that he wasn't worth the effort - that he just wasn't my type after all.  He was smooth, uncut, shorter, lean, and from the looks of it,  maybe Peruvian...nothing earth shattering, but not unattractive.
Not that I wasn't interested, it's just that the place was packed, very busy..and I didn't need to blow my cover, or cramp my style should someone else come in that I was more interested in.  Am I now obligated to this guy  because we played footsie?

I head to the bathroom and this guy suddenly appears. I kind of give him a shake of the head meaning "no" and leave. I now go back to the jacuzzi with more of the same from this guy.  Enough, so, I head to my locker, ready to get out of there.  I head to the bathroom, and there he is, in a stall, door ajar, waiting..so, what the heck, I go in, close the door behind me and lock it. I drop my towel and start stroking. He grabs my cock kind of...oddly..uncomfortably...in a  "god, I finally have a cock in my hands" kind of nervous way and  I'm getting a bad feeling about this. I shoulda just gotten dressed and left as I started to do.

He then bends down to suck my cock and - I'm not going there, so I push his head away, not allowing him to suck me. He flops his arms down in disgust and looks annoyed. With that, I turn, open the door and walk out.

I don't need a pity fuck, and I'm not pity fucking anyone.

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