The Set Up


Well, that coffee break between Jones and me lasted a few weeks, but, we were back at it again recently.

I had a weird feeling as I rang his doorbell wondering if I'd be surprised again by him having arranged a three-some for us. I was even more surprised when this huge, bald guy answered the door. I didn't really know what to say, and he didn't really seem to be expecting me, so I just kinda said I must have the wrong house and left.

I got into my car and called Jones. Weird, yet again...number was disconnected.  Am I being set up? Taken for a ride?

I email him and get a response a minute later with his new cell number. I call and tell him I'm in front of his house, but someone odd answered his door.  He seemed as surprised as I was. Apparently, a new tenant answered the door when he was in the shower.  Anyway, that was pretty much the only surprise I had. I went into the house, and we headed to his bedroom. It was us alone..and we made out a lot.  It's fun kissing him..very sensual, soft.  Same with's totally slow, sensual..just like I like it. We sucked each other for a while, then fucked for a pretty long time I kinda like just having my cock in a nice ass, like his, and in doggy position, letting him just rock, slowly..and just hold him. It was totally hot.
Eventually, he turned and asked if I was ready to I guess he had enough fucking..I told him yes, and he turned over and I blew my load on his chest.  He then took my cock in his mouth and jerked off while sucking me.  Seems like this guy can't cum unless he's got a cock in his mouth.  Who am I to argue?

After we clean up, we chatted some more.  He asked if he ever told me he had a boyfriend, and yes, he had, so it didn't come as a surprise. He's been dating him for years, and although he loves being with him he feels like he's too young to dedicate himself to someone completely just yet-  he still wants to have fun.

Well, that certainly works for me. I'm all for fun.

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