Nervous Energy


I've seen some of my friends get booted by Google. Some say it's a conspiracy to close all gay blogs. Some say it's just the Google "bots" that cause the closure..that those blogs that seem to be spam or violating some kind of Terms of Service agreement, or even infringing on copyright rules. I've seen it happen to Scottie from Str8Guy (twice) and FlipFlops Boy.  But those blogs, they were great but quite a bit more steamy than mine. I have decided long ago not to post pics of full frontal nudity on here. There are plenty of other bloggers that show way more than me. So, worry?

I started reading Google Closes Gay Blogs and it made me even more nervous. It lists many gay blogs (1,037 as of this writing) that have been closed by blogger. They encourage all bloggers to back up their blogs early and often.

It got me to thinking...I mean, I do love blogging. I like getting things off my chest and having my readers there for support when I need it. You guys know my inner, most secretive thoughts. But, I survived prior to having this blog...and at times, between the nasty commenters and the upkeep of this blog all by myself..I've thought, if I'm removed..maybe I would be OK with it.

But, I wouldn't be. I've decided I couldn't go out that way. If I'm going to stop blogging, it will be on my own terms, not someone else's. So, I took the advice of the web site and backed up my blog, hopeful that I never have to use it, but prepared if I have to.

I'm also looking into starting a mirror blog on another web hosting format.  I haven't decided on Nibblebit, Wordpress, tell you the truth, as hard as the maintenance of this blog is, creating a mirror blog would be an incredible task for me. I am not a computer, blogging expert. It took me a long time to create the format of this blog, even learn how to blog, believe it or not. Most of that knowledge was researched, used and tossed into the trash in my brain out-box.  To relearn it, or learn another format would be exhaustive.

I can only hope that my blog doesn't fall under the guise of the Google investigators and get closed. Just know..if I do get closed down...that it wouldn't be how I would want it to end.

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