Too Close for Comfort


Is it weird to see someone you know naked? I'm not talking your boyfriend...I'm talking about a work colleague. Someone you have no attraction to.  Not that he's hideous or anything, just...that it's always been, always will be a completely work type of relationship. For me..often, it is.

I remember once golfing with a partner, and after going to the showers. We had lockers right next to each other and we got undressed after our game.  As he took his shirt off, I noticed he was pretty hairy, not a monster, but defintiely not buzzed, shaved or trimmed at all. I was buzzed almost completely, and felt a bit odd about being bare chested in front of him. I mean, does he look at me and say "What the fuck?" in his mind? Does he wonder why I would trim my hairy chest?

He was one to wrap the towel around him and take off his underwear by pulling them off underneath.  Thank god, I didn't need to see what he had hidden.  I don't really do the towel hiding trick, and just pulled off my underwear, and wrapped myself up and headed to the showers.

Once I went to the sauna, and saw an older guy that looked familiar, but couldn't place the face. Anyway, I try not to look at some certain guys too much, all being naked, I don't want to give the wrong impression to some who I would rather keep at a distance. Sometimes, if you look at a guy, they think it's open season for them to approach you or follow you.

This guy was, like I said, older..maybe late 50's. I knew him...definitely..but was afraid of ...from where I knew him. Work? hmm...he looks like someone that did some construction on my house once...but was that him?

Anyway, on the way out, this older guy is waiting for his car from the valet with me.  He comes up and says "you're a __________" naming my profession to the "T". "Yea, I thought you looked familiar" I respond. "What's your name?" I ask. He gives me his name, and before I could give him mine, he tells me. Apparently he knew exactly who I was, and well he should, we've worked together a  few times.

You want to make sure you remember someone's name? See them naked. This guy's image is burned into my memory...and I'll never forget his name again!

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