Same Old Grind


Did you hear? Did you get the email? See the announcement?

Yes, "Grindr, the largest all male location-based mobile network tool"is now, finally on Android phones! I never had an iphone..which was the initial phone to use with Grindr. The guy that massages me showed me the app one day when I was at his house.  He told me how great it was, how addicting it can get.

Then, when I switched from my Blackberry, to an Android phone, Grindr expanded and came out for Blackberry format.  I just missed the boat!  But this week, I finally got the email: it was now on Android phones and available for immediate download!

So, of course, I immediately downloaded it. Almost as soon as I started the app, and added my pic, I got a multitude of chat requests and a few from some very hot looking guys. And they all were within..."0" feet of me?! What the fuck?

Is the guy next to me on Grindr? In the next car? That guy too? And the guy behind him? Is everyone I pass on Grindr? Uh, no...apparently, there's a GPS issue with the app, and after trying to refresh then starting Google Maps, then rebooting my phone..Presto! Everything I've been waiting for is at my fingertips! I now, am located longer in California...and right there on Grindr for all to see and explore.  This is gonna be great, no?

Well, as I look..some of the profiles look familiar. A few..many as it turns out I've seen before. Manhunt, Craigs-list, Adam, there all there.

This is just another way to Grind out the hours of the day. The only thing this app seems to do with ease is drain my battery.

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