Beam Me Up Scotty!


Is it the death of Scotty? God I hope not literally. But, Straight Jock Talking  (don't try the link, the blog has been removed) the on again, off again blog from Scotty is again.

He has a reputation of flaking on us...his blog community. Back last June, Scotty also disappeared only to return a few months later. Is this his master plan? Does he intend on taking a few months off?  A vacation from blogging? Has he been deleted by blogger - those good-natured, happy, intelligent people who oversee our expression of freedom of speech blogs (I have to try and stay on their good sides, right?)?

Maybe Scotty has it, create a stir, then cut them off...causing an uproar and a bigger stir. I got a few emails from readers of his who are inquiring whether I know what happened to him - like I have him locked in a dark, dank pit somewhere telling him to"put lotion on the skin, or he gets the hose again" ala Silence of the Lambs.

I enjoy reading Scotts blog, it's totally different from mine, I think. It gives me a laugh, short sweet, and it's like hanging with your "bros".  But maybe him taking a vaca isn't such a bad idea. It's kinda like being able to see your own funeral. What are they going to say about me? What's my legacy?

Maybe Scott needs some of his own "tough love":  Hey Scotty, what are you a fucking girl?  Can't take the heat? Stop stroking off little Scotty and get back out there, your horny readers demand it! Stop fucking your readers in the ass, get back online and blog, so we can finally bang you the way you want and need to be!

Last time Scott left us, I had offered him the opportunity to blog right here, at Bi Like Me, as a guest columnist...we can call it Straight Guy Talking Tuesdays, or Fuck Scotty Fridays..or whatever he wants.  That offer is still open.

Scotty, hope your doing well. I know blogging sometimes is a lot of work to maintain. Hope you come back soon. I too need the entertainment.

Now, back to the vaseline lotion and the hose...make it soft Scotty!


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