One From Column A


Despite the frustrating lunch I had with Ross last week,  I still consider him a close friend, and we're there for each other when needed...

He tells me he's dated someone from his office a few times. Went out to dinner, drinks..and just got an email asking him to go to dinner tonight, he says. Troubling part, for him,'s a girl.

He finds it troubling because he says he kinda knows that he's into guys. I tell him there's nothing wrong with him dating, girls, guys, whatever, as long as he doesn't get serious. He doesn't know..he likes this girl..a lot. So, maybe he'd be OK just dating girls..maybe not. It's too early to tell. He said he was introduced to her friends husband and he was hot. So the whole time he was there, he was looking at this guy....

So, does that make him gay? I don't think there's an answer.  I told him who knows how a relationship will be defined. Maybe you'll meet a girl..who you're totally into and it will be enough. Into her enough for you to give up guys.  Maybe you'll meet a girl who is cool with the idea of having another guy in the bedroom, or allowing you to also explore..or whatever.

I think, as a 20 something year old, who is inexperienced.. it's too early for him to know what exactly he wants.

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