Chatting with Ross hasn't changed..not one bit.. well minus the sexual innuendo's for the most part..we avoid any sex talk.

But, we do still chat. Often..he disappears sometimes..sometimes for a week, but, he's busy traveling and comes back to say hi. We wish each other happy whatever..on New Year's I texted him..he was sick in bed, but, we chatted and sent our "holiday wishes."  I guess that's what it comes down to..our relationship.."holiday wishes"..sad.

It's not all like that. We do have a friendship..we have consulted each other on different related, stress related, gay/bi issue things. It's nice to have someone to bounce things off of. I wouldn't dare talk to him about sex..or about relationship stuff.

In a recent IM with Ross, we were reminiscing..about our trips, stories, fun times. He actually started bringing it up..sending pics of us together. I started bringing up other things, stories too. Then I said something about erasing some things from my mind.. He said something like "there may be a lot I'd erase from my mind, but there's nothing I'd erase about you." Awww..

Should be in a Hallmark.

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