It's Not a River in Egypt


It's almost how I live my life, with some exceptions.

I wake every day and hit the gym, running, sweating, working out.  Trying to attain that shape that I've lost long ago, maybe 4 or 5 pounds that I cannot, will not, shed, not matter how fucking hard I try.

I come home, eat a very sensible fiber breakfast. Lunch? No McDonald's for me. I bring a pretty healthy lunch to work almost every day to work.  It consists of turkey, ham, salami, lettuce on whole wheat, a few cookies, chips, fruit. Nothing crazy and compared to others..downright strict!

I go home, eat a regular dinner, then at some point - more fruit. It's not often I eat chips in front of the TV, Ice Cream? Shit..can't remember the last time I ate it, much less had some that wasn't low fat or no fat yogurt or something. Then, lately, I'm headed back for some cardio at the gym.

On occasion, I will skip a meal and eat a fiber bar or no fat frozen yogurt with fruit. But those 4-5 pounds still don't come off.

It's all about denial for me.

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