Knocking on Heaven's Door


I'm no newbie anymore. I've fucked my share of guys. I used to blame my inabilities on my relative inexperience in fucking, but now? I have no excuse.

I just can't get it in, not without help anyway. I know it's down there..I know where the entrance is..but, I can poke around, knock on the door..but nobody let's me in.  It just ain't that easy!

I know some guys are real tight, and I guess that's the main reason. I mean, there have been a few guys, maybe a handful that you can turn over, stick your hard cock on their hole and ..there ya problem.  But, generally, things don't move that quick. I get my cock ready, the guys ready, I place my cock..where I think it should's like banging my head against the wall. It just doesn't go.

Usually I require a hand..that of my partner who reaches around, down, or wherever position we happen to be in and gives me a guiding hand. Then, I'm good.

Anyone else have this issue? Or is it just me? Please, please don't leave me out there alone. I'd hate to think that I'm the only one needing a hand.

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