A Fag Hag?


Some of you have asked about my diet progress. I started at 198, then got to 196, now at 195. I'm hitting the gym hard, sometimes 2 times a day.  Anyway, I'll be updating you..

Another letter from a reader..this time from a girl. We have a few of those on here. I'm an equal opportunity blogger!

Hi BLM -
I am not sure, but I may be the only straight girl who reads your
blog!  I found it a couple of weeks ago, and it took me this long to read it from the beginning.  What?  Are you a slow reader?, you ask.

No, in fact, I am a really fast reader - I just couldn't devote more than a couple of hours a day.  I also read all the comments as well. Funny, I feel like I really know you.  Many of your readers have said that to you, but as far as I can tell, I am the first girl reader to give you feedback!  Yay for me!  So, after all of my due diligence, let me give you my observations, and there are many.  By the way, the one guy, whoever he is that writes under "anonymous" really has a lot of nerve to keep dissing you.  I was happy when you finally told him once to "get lost!"  He needs to be reminded again, don't you think?

You are honest to show us his comments, but at this point, I would kick him out - I'm sick of him!

First of all, you seem like a very smart, witty, and yet serious guy. You are very introspective and thoughtful.  I think sometimes you say things just for impact, but that is completely ok.  This is your blog, after all.
You describe yourself frequently as being very good looking.  It does sound like you are very hot.  You actually must be similar to my husband, who is 48, 6'2", 200 lbs, brown hair, green eyes.  From your
photo though, you have a much better tan!

You constantly use the two words 'your' and 'there' in the wrong contexts.  You use your, when it should be you're and there when it should be their, etc...  Other than that, you have great grammar, and you should, considering you finished grad school!  Typos make me nuts.  Don't people reread before they hit "post"?  Sheeesh.

Anyway, reading your entries is almost like reading stories.  It's a fantastic ability, to be able to tell good stories.  Sometimes it's romance, other times it's hot sex, and other times it is non sexual musings or opinions.  I really have enjoyed reading them.  You are a great writer, and if these stories are true, you have had some really incredible experiences.  I would venture to say that some of these entries are publish-worthy. Funny enough, though, I found myself skipping your political entries.  I don't want to taint my opinion of you by knowing your political leanings.  I fear it may taint my feelings about you, and I don't want to do that.  I have very strong political feelings, and if they are different from yours, I don't want to know that.  Just like you should not talk politics at work, for the same reason.  You don't want political differences to cloud your
interaction with coworkers, and politics has nothing to do with the workplace.  I don't come to your blog for politics. I won't read those entries, but please feel free to post them!  I believe you stated that only 5% of your posts were of that nature, so it doesn't bother me in the least when you write off-subject.

You are very interesting, and I love reading about what you want to share of yourself.  It is very brave to put yourself out there like that, even though we don't know who you are. It is a really brave thing.

I would love to privately chat more with you if you would like.  I am happy to tell you about myself, and feel free to share stuff about your wife if you would like to.  You and I are the same age, 47. People always tell me I look like I'm early 30s as well.  Nice to hear, isn't it?  I am blonde, 5'7".  Sorry - can't disclose my weight to anyone!  LOL!  But I go to the gym 5x a week.  I am not a food nazi, like you LOL, but maybe I should be.  I must be pretty attractive still.  I get frequent glances from men that are nice, and several times in the last couple of years, I've been out with my husband, and overheard men say to him "lucky guy!"  Wow - that feels good.  :)

It is hard for me to understand the ease with which you move from person to person in your adventures.  I mean, you chat on line a couple of times, then go to their home, hotel, etc., and right to the bedroom. Someone once even mentioned what I was thinking.  Aren't you ever afraid that something might happen to you?  Your wife would have no idea where you were.  I'm sure this had to have occurred to you. It
could be that because I am a straight girl, I don't understand the mechanics of meeting online, and hooking up right away.  I have no experience with that.  I think I would have an anxiety attack!

Ok.  Onto your wife.  Maybe you won't mind my commenting, since I am a girl.  I totally understand your defenses and  not wanting to get to involved in discussing her.  She is completely separate from this part
of your life.  It sounds like you love her and respect her as the mother of your children, and I bet she is your best friend, at least, I hope she is.  My husband is my best friend.

During my reading, I did post a comment on a post I was reading.  I was curious as to whether or not you still had any sort of sex with her at all.  But then, as I read further, you did say that you no longer do.  She laid there "like a lox", and you eventually got bored with it.  I get that.  I understand that, honestly - you don't want to do ALL the work!  I'm wondering if you guys just gradually let it die, or did you talk with each other about it at all.  I can speak on this because, remember, I am a girl, and your wife and I have the same body parts.

You have shared a lot with me (on your blog), so I will share with you.  I have never had an orgasm from traditional penetration sex.  I have great ones from oral sex, and obviously, from masturbation.  Wow.

 I have never shared that with anyone, let alone a guy I have never met!  Anyway, I have read that this is actually very common in women. We need that direct stimulation thing.  I think my husband is frustrated a little by this, but even we don't really discuss it.

Anyway, back to the point.  Have you guys tried going down on each other lately?  Did I just get really  personal, or what? From your blog, I know you love to be sucked.  I'm just wondering if she could be doing that for you, and would you return the favor? Oral sex is just amazing, isn't it?  Just the best.  Can women love it more than men?

 Anyway, if you ever want to chat, away from your blog, I am here for you.  Something tells me that maybe you could be there for me as well.  we can share more later on, if you are willing.  In the meantime,
watch for me to comment on your posts!

Take care ~

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