Latin Heat


Usually a screen name or profile name is misleading. "Boys" usually aren't, "Hotties" typically are not. But this one didn't disappoint, so far, at least.

His name was some combination of Latino, hot, smooth, stud and masculine. So far, I'm impressed. He's 28 years old smooth and athletic. His pics looked..well..fucking incredible. Beautiful chest, a pretty big cock and cut (I like that).  Nice face too!

He contacts me..and we chat a little. He lives a little far from me, but work does bring me into his area once a week or so (or maybe more if need be). He tells me to call him tomorrow, so maybe we can make plans since I'm going to be around there then.

I call, a few times that day. He doesn't answer. But, I did leave a message.  Not expecting anything I get an email the next day saying that he got my messages, and was sorry, he got called out of town for business.  But, next week, maybe we can meet finally.

Now, I know it's very little to go by, but, nice guy it seems. Hot, handsome and some manners (for emailing me an apology).  That all goes in my book as pluses.

We'll see if things progress.

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