Top Heavy


I wonder what the ratios know, tops to bottoms.

It seems like almost everyone is a top. Everyone's looking to fuck, but there's nothing to fuck.  There's a scarcity of bottoms out there. Kinda like OPEC turning the nozzle down on oil production,or the neighborhood Toys 'R Us has very few of the hottest toy during holiday season, or when a Broadway production has huge advanced ticket sales, demand exceeds supply and therefore the price or desire for such an item cannot be satiated.

Likewise, if 95% of guys are tops, there are only 5% of the gay population to take it in the ass..and their demand is higher - not to mention the exhaustion factor!  I mean, how much can one bottom take - and who would want them anyway, at that point?

It seems that if you guys want to be ahead of the game, and even out this fucking thing for us we need to somehow breed, or convert some of these tops to be bottoms. This way, demand would be lowered and the few bottoms that have been servicing all us tops can relax, have a day off, and let their assholes recover.

It's not easy being a top nowadays. We need more bottoms. I'm going to start a petition, or call my Congressman, or take out a newspaper ad, or hand out fliers..put them on parked cars in the mall.

We need bottoms...bottoms needed desperately. Make money at a bottom. Help the bottom line. Bottoms up!

Don't even get me started with the "versatile guys".  They're screwing everyone up!

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