Sex is good..sometimes it's pretty hot. I've been pretty lucky lately. Some hot sex with some hot guys..Jonesy, and a few hookups with some younger guys. So, I guess I can't complain..shouldn't complain..but...

It's missing something..and that something is...not surprisingly..a connection. Duh! I knew that having sex, basically with strangers would be just that..SEX and that there would be no lovey-dovey.  But I am missing that part of meeting with a guy.

When I was with Ross, things were different. Sex was fun..funny, hot, passionate, and after..we hung out..spooned, kissed, slept..god..it was amazing.  Having someone next to you, that you love, that loves you..and being able to hold them in your arms..is just an amazing feeling.  You never want to leave.

I remember an especially hot time I had with Ross. We went out drinking. We were both wasted by the time we left the restaurant. We headed to the motel, walked in, and ripped each others clothes off. We couldn't wait to touch each other, please each other, be with each other. We ended up soaking wet, from sweat and other bodily juices..on the bed, laying next to each other..touching..and eventually, we fell asleep.

About 2 am, I awoke..freaked..and jumped out of bed. We had both fallen asleep..but we both had to be home..and I was thankful it wasn't 9am, rather than 2.  It wasn't what I wanted to do, but, I had to get home. So we left.

Sometimes, sex is sex. Sometimes it's much more. It's certainly better when it's more.

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