Eyes, Epilogue?


I had anticipated that something would come of it..but, maybe I was wrong to do so. I had certainly hoped that I was more than just a convenient fuck (although we didn't fuck), guess I was..a convenient hook-up.
Hurt? eh...maybe disappointed is the word I would use.

You see, I don't meet someone all that much that I find a connection with, I suppose that's true of most of us. That's why Manhunt, Adam, Craigslist, and all the dating sites are so successful.  It's just not so easy to find Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. When you do meet someone, and there's a spark, connection, something you consider more than just a "sex" meeting, you hope for more.

When I met Mark, I was immediately drawn, intrigued and attracted. I had hoped that he felt the same. Maybe he did, I mean, we were intimate..kissed, he sucked me...but, maybe I was just a hook-up to him. He hasn't engaged in a conversation after that first email..not at all. My emails, other than the initial one, go unanswered.

I suppose what goes around comes around. But, I thought maybe this married guy..would be looking for a regular thing..something that I am looking for.

But, maybe not.

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