Eyes Wide Open, Part 1


Part 1 of a 4 Part Series
I walked in, showered and headed to a jacuzzi in the back. I'm relaxing and notice guys around me..not close, not annoying me..just mulling about.  There's a guy relaxing in the jacuzzi next to me. Another naked guy heading to the steam room.  It was a busy day that day.

There's two guys talking as they relax in the jacuzzi across from me. One is older than the other, seemingly attractive younger guy, although I can't exactly tell how attractive cause of the distance between us.. They're laughing, talking, and I recognize the older a guy. Not someone I know, not even an acquaintance, but someone I've seen at the spa before. I think I walked in on him in the sauna, when he was blowing some other troll.  I chuckle to myself that the young guy should get some standards.

I get up after a few minutes head to the steam room, which on this day is packed. No room to sit, so I get out, and cross to the sauna. It's empty, except for the young guy that I noticed from before. I sit opposite him. Smile and relax.

I don't remember what started our conversation, but I find out he's not from New York, but another state nearby.

"Come here often?" I ask.
"Once in a while. There's no place like this near me" he says.

...and as he speaks, I find myself...staring..not like spit drooling from my chin staring..but, I'm lost..lost in his eyes. He's about 5'10", very lean, kinda  auburn hair..and no body hair, except for some pubic hair. Amazing looking chest, nice arms..and those eyes...

But, my staring doesn't go unrequited.  I find...that he's staring right back. We were both..just lost.
"How old are you?" I ask
"31" he says, "You?"
"47" I respond.
"Damn, man, you must moisturize." he says and we both crack up.

Fuck..he's hot, I'm thinking. Funny too..which is a major plus..and we're like..not just talking, but communicating...and...those eyes!
Those eyes are green...they're deep..and totally mesmerizing.

"What's that?" I ask, pointing at the ring on his hand.
"A ring. I'm married" he responds.
I chuckle as I raise my own left ringed hand.

We shake hands, introduce ourselves, our hands linger..just a second longer than is appropriate. His name is Mark. I tell him mine..and for the first time, in I don't know how long..maybe years in such a meeting..I give someone I meet my real name.

I head out of the steam room when a few more guys walk in (one the older cock sucking troll). After all, I don't want to cramp anyone's style.

I sit down in the jetted jacuzzi. He soon follows and as he passes me and sits right next to me in the available seat, I get to appreciate his own, hot, smooth bubble seat (ass). Again, another amazing part of this cuteys body. We chat some more, and now, I'm close enough to really appreciate his smile, his laugh, those lips and those eyes.

He's married less than 2 years I find out. No kids. Works in Manhattan. Tells me about work a little..without getting too specific.  Then he slowly stands, leans toward me, gazes at me with those big, deep, green eyes and whispers...

"I'm going to run to the private showers, in case you need one."

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