Eyes Wide Open, Part 2


Hump day post coming later today...but for now..

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series
My heart races as he walks away. I follow his bubble butt with my eyes as he struts out the door. I'm looking around. Waiting to wake from this dream. Wondering if I'm being filmed, pranked, punked....

I get up, grab a towel and try to walk slowly to my locker to grab some shorts. I'm trying to breath...thinking..breath..inhale, exhale...slowly..
I'm feeling the thumping in my chest...the palpitations..I'm noticing my quickening breath..and trying to keep it under control. Maybe I need a paper bag to breath into...but I make my way to the stairs that leads to the showers. Knowing that I'm already short of blood supply, I'm walking, controlling my breathing - trying my hardest not to do what I want, which is run up the stairs.

I'm walking..making my way toward the showers...I'm opening the door..and thinking, I'm going to have a heart attack, I'm going to pass out...

I open the door and the locker room is empty. I hear the water running and I take off my shorts, placing them in a locker. I pull on the door to the showers and see him standing there alone, again naked, with water streaming down his lean, smooth chiseled body, down his perfect stomach, through his pubic hair to his beautiful cock, then running to the shower floor.  The water is already running in the shower next to him, apparently in anticipation of me joining him. I walk toward the shower, and stop briefly to look deeply and more closely in his eyes. We kiss...kiss deeply..and long.

Mark is crazy hot. And...already..I'm wondering what is going to happen after we're done. How's this going to end?  Is this going to be a hit and run - get off and get out? I don't want that..believe it or not, crazy as it may sound..this guy..could be..well..I have the feeling..that this guy could be the guy.

Is that possible? I just met him a half hour ago..we hardly know each other..but all I need to know..and everything I need to know..I found out ...not necessarily from talking to him..not from watching him ...but...

from his eyes.

...more cumming!

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