Eyes Wide Open, Part 3


Part 3 of a 4 Part Series
Yes, his eyes were telling. I know it sounds crazy..but they spoke to me.  I saw his eyes, and I knew right then and there that this guy..was special.  Or I hope he'd be. (Freakin shoot me for being spur of the moment, for falling fast, for leading with my heart...)

We kiss in the shower, with the water from two showers running on us. We're embracing, and kissing..tonguing each other as we watch..yes..with eyes wide open...watching each other..seeing into each others soul. I love that...

I break from the moment. I ask..
"What happens after today. Where are you going? Are you going to run out on me?"
"I have to..I'm gonna have to go.." he responds..

I'm grabbing his ass..running my hand along his chest. Stroking his arms..he's fingering my ass..making his way with his mouth down to my cock that is more than willing to accommodate his waiting lips. Then, I hear a noise..someone in the locker room.  We straighten up, soap up and shower..as the noise and the person disappears.

We embrace again. Kiss some more..and go through the routine a few more times, each time interrupted by another intruder. Eventually, he's hands up against the shower walls, with my arms around his chest, head back and turned to the side, as we kiss and my cock desires to be in its resting place...but just frolics around his ass and back door.  Again I hear his whisper: "I want you to fuck me."

Shit..I turn him around..kiss him deeply as he strokes my cock, and I stroke his. Eventually, I'm beating off, spurting cum shots all over the shower floor and he's watching me with those eyes transfixed on my every move.

We wash up..and again I pull him back.

"Don't leave" I plead.
"I have to" he responds.
"Leave me your email address" I say. "Locker 14A" I tell him.

He smiles, and walks toward the exit. I watch as his white, smooth ass leave my site for the (hopefully not) last time.

I rinse off. Wonder if I'm ever going to wake up from this dream. I turn off the water, get dressed and head to the lockers. I notice he's no longer there..and I open my locker, wondering, hoping, praying...

and a piece of paper falls on the floor.

Yes, there is a god.

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