Eyes Wide Open, Part 4


Part 4 of a 4 Part Series
I'm all together happy, and yet somehow disappointed. This guy..came into my life..however briefly. He seemed, downright perfect. A great personality, wonderful sense of humor, quite the looker, hot ass, just the right amount of bravery and forwardness..married..straight acting..yes, even the fucking eyes were perfect.

I've felt this way before..maybe more than once..but definitely once. I felt that connection..upon first sight. I can't get it out of my head! And yes, it was with Ross.

The first day I met him, in a planned meeting at the parking lot of a strip mall, he rolled down his window and I knew..knew that he was special. There was an instant connection, an immediate comfortableness. Like you just found your best friend.  The easiness of the conversation..the feeling of happiness..I noticed it right away. Similarly, there was a spark between Mark and I.

The only issue I see is the distance...but, at this rate..I think I'd make the effort to work something out. As long as he's willing..

I email him at the end of the day that we met:

Don't who this is..but you dropped your email address in my locker today.  Hopefully you're hot and not one of those bald mustached guys that were following me around today.
With any luck you're that hot married guy from the showers with the great ass. ;)

That night I get that much anticipated response:
It would take me years to grow a big walrus mustache like that! Hope the rest of your day was great.. eventful and relaxing. 
Thanks again for the fun!
I write him back the next day, telling him I'm running around for work the next day, but that I hope to chat with him online soon.

I can only hope.


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