Latin Heat II


Thing's finally worked with the Latin guy I've been chatting with (Latin Heat). Recently, I was able to arrange to drop by his house.

I walked into his house and he invited me upstairs to his bedroom, where the TV was on and there was a ton of shit laying around. Not dirty..just a mess.

"Sorry for the mess" he says with his Dominican accent.
"No problem" I respond.

He's cute. Hair is almost shaved..he's very thin, thinner than I remember in his pictures online. That's not a bad thing though. We sit on his bed and chat. He talks very low..and between the volume of his voice and the accent, it's almost hard to understand exactly what he's saying sometimes.

We end up rubbing each others legs..which leads to some kissing, heavy kissing and then he offers me a massage.  Massage? That's right up my alley!

He tells me to "get comfortable" and I take off my shirt, and he waves at me to take off my pants too. I lay on his bead, in my black Calvin briefs and he begins his massage.  It's not more than two minutes later that his hands are roaming beneath my briefs, rubbing my butt as he's kissing me yet again.  So much for a massage.

I roll over, pull off his pants and shirt. He's got a great, small ass. The type of smooth ass that fits almost in one hand - me gusto!

He's very I find many Latinos are. Deep, deep kissing. I'm more the flutterer type kisser, if you know what I mean..but, it was cool. We change positions many times, rubbing each other, holding and rubbing. His back and ass to my front,  me on top of him, him on top of fucking..just good, clean fun.

He sucks my cock, and wants to see me shoot. I jerk myself as he lays on my stomach, and gets a face full. He then lays down, and jerks himself while I suck his nipples and rub his legs.

We clean up in the shower together...another favorite thing of mine. So, all in all..nice, fun guy. I'll probably see him again..but...sparks? Well..maybe some glowing..not exactly sparks.

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