Long Lost Buddy


A guy that I had spoken to online a long time ago recently started to IM me. I don't know if I ever wrote about him..but I can give you a brief history...

I met him when I was first exploring guys. The method I used to explore, and get some skin on skin contact with another guy was through massages. The person I set up a massage with was an older guy, and he had 2 or 3 young guys in addition to him, who massaged at his place.  I was pretty nervous, but finally made an appointment.  I made it pretty clear that I wasn't into this older guy and when I got to his house for my appointment, my feelings were justified.

The older guy answered the door, invited me in and showed me the room where I would get the massage from the younger guy that I picked. It was creepy..not the room, not the house..but this guy...he was..leering at me..saying things like "you know, I can be in the room if you like, I don't have to take part..." ugh.

Finally, this guy shows up. He walks up the stairs and the older guy leaves. I'm told to undress, lay on the massage table, face down and he places a towel over my lower half. He then also undresses, down to his underwear.

The guy is young, maybe 21. Was very thin, white, smooth, cute. Tiny ass...and a little effeminate. But, a cutie, nice guy.  He's all business for about 30 minutes. We are getting comfortable with each other, talking about different things. We somehow get to the topic of the older guy...and he says yea, he's a bit creepy, b but a nice guy. I told him we should meet up again for a massage..without this other guy knowing.  He agreed.

He then took a ridiculous amount of baby oil or something...poured it on the front of my body (I was now turned over), and rubbed my chest, legs, etc with it, greasing me up good. He then greased his body up, got on top of me and did this sliding thing...sliding his body up and down on my body. While it wasn't bad, it wasn't exactly..comfortable. But, I guess a lot of the clients asked for this type of body work.

After, he jerked me off...as I played with his body and cute little ass.  We jumped into the shower together (although that was against the rules) and he washed me up.  After that we became pretty good online buddies and we met a few more times at his place, where he massaged me, and a few times, we fucked.

The first time we fucked, I was real new to it, and he was a willing and able participant. That time, we didn't use protection, and he had encouraged me, after my short, but unprotected past, to go get tested.  He also was one of the ones to convince me early on that fucking without protection was pretty stupid.

That time I got tested, I wrote about here: Testing...Testing...  From then on, except for the times with Ross, I have consistently been a good boy.  OK, enough background...

So, we have chatted recently and he's been asking me to hangout..well, basically he wants to have sex again. I told him we just have to find a day and time that works for both of us, and sure, I was into it. So, we'll see..I think it probably will come to nothing, since he's only in town on occasion and lives quite a bit away.  But nice to know I left a good impression.

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