Sweet Temptations


Someone responded to my ad on CL. I didn't expect anything unusual (or more unusual than I normally get from CL). The person gave me stats, which seems interesting. "Send a pic" I respond.

I get this pic and it's, well, a kid. At least it looked like a kid. I ask him what his age was, and then get an IM on AIM. I find out he's 17.

"17! man", I write. "I may be stupid, but I'm not crazy!"
"Camon, I'm fun" he says.
"I don't doubt it. But, I'm in my 40's, married. YOU'RE 17!"  I exclaim.
"So what!" he says. "Age is a number"

 Good point, I think.

"Yea, problem is though that you're number is 17!" I say again.
"What, you don't like a hot guy to service you?" he asks

Touche' I think. Another good point.

"Send me some more pics" he says "and I'll send you my ass pic."
"Listen, you seem nice, apparently very cute, probably hot, and I don't doubt you're fun. But, I don't think this can work" I say, trying to convince myself, as much as I am trying to convince him.

 "OK" he says. "But whenever you want amazing head, let me know."

Ugh, I hate being noble.

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