Tight Squeeze


Was online, and got an email from a guy nearby..like real close to where I work. He had a small window of opportunity to host, and would I wanna come over? He had about 20 minutes, I had even less. His profile looked pretty good, 27, pics were cool, looked slim, smooth..Latin boy. Uncut..but, it would only be a quickie, so what the fuck!

I got there and we head upstairs to his room. Nice, clean..that's a plus. Something about walking into someone else's house, and seeing shit all over..literally. I remember a buddy I used to hook up with, and he had untrained dogs. Literally..shit all over! Gross.

Anyway, he closes his door, lowers my pants and begins sucking me. I'm getting hard and he asks what do I want to do? "What do you think? I ask him. "You wanna fuck? Ok" and turns to grab some lube and a condom.

I put the condom on, and he gets on his knees turning his ass to me. I guide in and wait till he's comfortable. He squeezes his ass..and it clamps down on my cock. Fucking awesome feeling...

We fuck and I'm about to come...and I just stop..trying to hold out. He does that squeeze thing again and there's no hope..I'm blowing my load.

Not a lot of time, but, we were able to squeeze it in.

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