Beauty and the Beast


So which is it? A face or the body?

I was discussing with an online "prospect" recently. He had contacted me, and we were getting close to meeting up. One issue: I had not seen any of his pics. He saw mine, which is obviously, not a face pic. I can't have my face pic online. It should be understood why. It's not because I'm vile to look at, it's because I'm married.

But, I do have body pics..and many of them. Which part do you want to see? My chest? Legs? Stomach? Ass? Back? Cock? I have 'em all. I do have a very discreet face shot, which I rarely send out because well, it's not revealing enough to make a difference. But, basically, if you saw the face shot, you'd know I wasn't a beast.

"I don't care about the body" the guy says. "A face is more important to me."

That's a red flag to me. I think only an out of shape guy would say that. I mean, ultimately, it's the whole package that matters..the face, the body, the personality. I've met many men who were stunning looking, but had the personality of a head of lettuce, and it turned me off. I've met others still who were not so great looking, but had an amazing personality that made me want to spend time with them. The best package of course is the whole kit and caboodl: great face, amazing body and a fine personality. If you find that needle in a haystack, let me know.

Anyway, to me, if a guy has a "butta" face, if he takes care of himself, that's a big plus (if you don't know what a butta face's someone you look at and say "hot body!" butta face!). If he's in shape, nice skin, nicely groomed..that says a lot. A body to me, can overcome a so-so face. After all, there are few models on this earth, most of us don't have that face that a photographer loves. But a body? We can all have a good body with some work.

If you see a guy who's less than average body-wise across the his amazing face going to outweigh that? At what point do you say his body literally outweighs his plus face? At 50 pounds overweight? 100? More?

I know they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...but, if the beholder is out of shape then my eyes are looking somewhere else. I could care less what his face is telling me.

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