Coming Back


This guy's a cutie. He's probably 28 or so, slim, shorter than me Puerto Rican and Dominican. He's a guy I used to go to almost weekly for a massage. Always gave me a great massage, very professional. Really..a little too professional for my liking though.

He really doesn't get into the "release" part of the massage. He's always clothed, and I think in all the times I had been there, I think he gave me a hand-job once, although believe me, I've tried. He has a live in boyfriend, and up until recently, I thought that was always the thing that stopped him.

But, we continued to talk online, and recently, sparked up a conversation. He seemed down in the dumps, told me how him and his boyfriend hadn't had sex in years. They're still dedicated to each other, but sex is basically out. Sounds familiar, I thought.

So, he confided in me that he had been seeing this other guy, and having sex with him. Damn! You mean, all those times I came to you, wanting you, and you find someone else? He laughed...but, I know his type, and I'm not it.  He unfortunately is a bear lover. I may like to cuddle, but I'm no bear.

We had chatted about how I hadn't been there in a long time, and he knew I had found someone else who was massaging me and who was also finishing me off pretty nicely after the massage.  I asked him and he agreed to jerk me off after our session.

Anyway, I went over, got undressed and laid on his table.  He massaged me well- back, ass, legs and asked me to turn over. He rubbed my feet, chest and then grabbed some lotion and started the "final touches". As he stood next to me, I slid my hand up the back of his his shorts, and felt his ass cheek..a fucking amazing ass if I do say so myself.

As I got closer to finishing, I pulled my hand out and put it up his shirt, feeling his smooth chest and pecs, and playing with his nipples a little then tracing down to his stomach, where I felt his happy trail..which made me very happy. He is really hot.

I blew my load, and he cleaned me up commenting on my load. Massage with a happy ending...nice!

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