Dollars and Sense


I took the advise of a fellow blogger. I was speaking to someone who has a pretty popular, but more explicit blog. He posts pictures, videos, etc and has a pretty good following. He mentioned that he generates some pretty good cash from his blog, all from these links to porn sites.

I took his advice and put these links on my blog, expecting some great return. He said he made $300 a month on a slow month. I certainly can use a few extra the hell. After about 3 weeks of these ads on my blog..I'm happy to report that my readers have contributed a whopping total of......$0.00 to my fund.  What's the deal?!

I'm not upset. I have yet to cash any check or receive any compensation for my blog, despite what some of you have presumed.  I never started the blog to generate any kind of income, but when this guy said $300 a month, I couldn't resist. My readers apparently aren't on here for the porn..or videos, or pictures of guys with big dicks fucking animals...and thank god!

I guess it proves that I have a higher class of readership. Those that are interested in the stories, the plot behind the nice pictures. They want to see about my life..feel some kind of kin-ship..some relief also that they are not alone in this crazy journey. They have similar feelings...similar heartaches, the same pit of fire in their stomach that I have...

or they're just cheap mother-fuckers. ;)

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