Pitchers & Catchers


Well, it's been a long time, seems it anyway. Probably been a few weeks since I've been with someone and it suuux.

I'm damn horny! So, as usual, I've been checking out the prospects..and they're far and few but I do have a couple guys I've been chatting with.

1. Prospect #1 is a 6'2" 185# 32"w athletic lean toned body and says in his profile that he's "insatiable" and "uninhibited". Those are two words that usually scare me away, but this guy's pics are super hot. Problem is he lives about 40 minutes from me, and getting there is a hassle, so, we haven't hooked up yet.

He is always chatting me up tho...asking me if I want to spit on his hole and fuck him, tells me that he wants me to cum on his asshole (told him I only fuck with condoms) and then use my finger to push it in..lol..freak!

He also has a partner, a guy he lives with who supposedly, is OK with him messing around with other guys. "I just can't get enough" so his partner is OK with it. I donno..if a guy is that cum-hungry, I'm sure I'm just the daily special and I don't know that I want to be waiting in line when I get there...gross.

2. Prospect #2 is a good looking, very discreet white guy. He's 5'11 brown hair, brown eyes and weighs 175. Pics seem like he has a nice body, athletic and he's a bottom.We've chatted, this guy lives about 20 minutes from me, and has his own place where we can hang. He's totally into safe sex, and seems to be clean, and not into drugs.  All pluses...

Now it's just a matter of seeing when I can get to one of these guys..and based on how horny I am, it will be soon!


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