Girl Power!


I don't hate women.  After all, I actually liked them enough to marry one!

But, it's not the first time I've been accused of being a women hater..and probably not the last.  But, have you ever seen the Oprah show? They bash men. The View? Bunch of cackling chicks joking about guys. Hey, if you're going to ask a person for their stories it's obviously going to be one-sex-sided.  Oprah has often been accused of being a man-basher (and a closet lesbian).  That doesn't make her opinion or show any less popular.

I seem to be gaining a few more lady readers at Bi Like Me.  They often criticize me for being a hater..always taking the man's side of things...well..I AM a man! What do you want? the women's side? It's not anatomically possible!

I am and have always been a champion of women's rights and have, in the past, written about my support for a Women's Right to Choose. I'm no hater..but there are I suppose, some views that I am going to have that are going to be, naturally, one-sided.

I also get that while my blog is supposedly a bisexual blog, that I don't have stories of me engaging in sex with girls, or pictures of naked women on here.  Well, yea, I guess I live the straight life...and could have named this blog "Straight Like Me"..and it being about how..I'm not quite straight.

Or I could have named the blog "Gay Like Me". Maybe that's more appropriate..this blog being about me being married, yet..OK..I'll say  But, being married..I thought..and for a long time..always thought I was bi. It's Bi Like Me..not like you..not like the other guy's Bi's how I have I've define the "Bi" life.  It doesn't have to be the textbook definition of bi...or even  your definition of bi.

Some of the ladies that have commented on my blog run their own, very interesting blogs. Some are just readers..who I assume have come across my blog and have become interested...without any background or experience in gay/bi  relationship.  Others, have a clear history. Maggie is an ex-wife of a gay man. She has an interesting blog..but, obviously, has "issues" with regard to closeted married men who are gay/bi. You're blog entries are littered with comments questioning other blogs like mine about the sexuality of the writers. You are, understandably, biased toward men coming out to their wives. That doesn't make your blog wrong or anti-male. It's just written from a life full of your experiences.

My hope is that with the input of others, whether they're guys or girls, that we can all learn from each other here. I am not without faults or biases..and I don't think any of us are.

I read your comments and blogs with interest. Don't expect me to cry over breaking a nail though.

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