Going the Distance


I look around at the spa, and guys come in all shapes and sizes..and I'm not talking body sizes either! Some guys cocks are oddly shaped I think. You see it online, in porn and stuff. They hook right, hook left, curve up, curve down and some bend in hurtful looking ways.

Then there's the whole cut/uncut thing. Some guys who are uncut have very little skin, almost looking like they're cut. Other guys have so much skin that it covers their whole penis head...

Then there are the sizes. I'm never the smallest (thank god) but I'm also never the largest unfortunately.  I see these guys, sitting in the steam room or sauna, their towels off, and their cocks actually touch the seat between their legs..it's awesome! lol

Last week, I was at the sauna, and these two guys were sitting next to each other, and I sat across from them, probably gawking. One guy was pretty well built, hairy chest, probably about 6'1", maybe 200 pounds of muscle, white guy, and a hot little ass.  The other was young, maybe 18, very little hair on his body, maybe 5'6" and slim. He had an amazing looking ass too. Two very good looking and lucky guys.  Their cocks were almost identical. Each was pretty big and both though flaccid, hung down, and nearly hit the seat they were sitting on, and curved to their inside left leg.

The two guys were also looking at each other, and I noticed some kismet going on (probably my gaydar going off).  Anyway, I couldn't sit there and stare all day, with spit drooling down my chin...so, I left just dreaming of the possibilities.

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