FWB = 'friends with benefits' :  A casual relationship implying no commitment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). Although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible(courtesy of Urban Dictionary).

It may not be the Justin Timberlake - Mila Kunis movie, but the concept is the same. Two people, with 'baggage' - be it work, relationship issues, family problems or otherwise - enter into a "friendship" (the "F") that has some sort of mutual service or "benefit" to each of the parties (the "B").

It's what I have searched for since my breakup with Ross over a year ago. Is that what Ross and I had? Well, there defintiely were feelings, we may have crossed the "F" line..but nonetheless, it was a mutually beneficial relationship without the pressures that often come with normal relationships.

How can one find that? It's pretty hard to find, honestly. Both parties have to be willing to accept that their partner may not be available at all because I've got a family and wife. But, from my experience, there''s plenty of time available for lunches, dinners, and hot sex if the parties are both willing.

The problem is..not that most gay/bi guys are looking for a long-term exclusive relationship..but that most of them are looking for a less-exclusive one than FWB. They want to play the field..they want to have the other acronym:  

FB = 'fuck buddy': People who are having casual sex with on a regular basis, but are not involved in a romantic relationship with (courtesy of Urban Dictionary).

Yes, a fuck buddy is a viable, without any strings attached. Sounds great..but,'s missing something..the other 'F': friends. What's sex without the friend part? Just sleazy, nasty, gross, meaningless sex.  It's sex for today..not caring that tomorrow, you're having sex with someone else. I've been there..I've done that. It's what almost 90 % of all guys are looking for on those M4M sites.

Yea, I'd be happy with FWB or FB with Justin Timberlake (think I have a crush?). But, sex is so much better with someone you have an interest in being friends with. It's a big part of the benefit.

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