Bathroom Vanities


Well, I guess it's a first. My first Grindr hookup. Wish I could say it was hot, amazing, and resulting in a long term kinda deal..but, it's not, wasn't, and definitely won't.

On Grindr, most guys seem to be the same guys on the other sites. It is convenient that you can see distances, but, I thought that would encourage more hook-ups, and quick ones at that. What I've found is that guys are just like everywhere else - all talk and no action, for the most part.

One guy I've chatted with lives very close to me. First time I chatted with him, he sent me a message saying "Come fuck me". When I asked when, or was trying work out something he wanted it "NOW!  OK, well Now doesn't work for me at this moment, how about tomorrow morning? "NOW!" he insists. OK., later!

The next time I chatted with him, he again said he was horny and wanted to fuck "NOW!" Jesus, this guy's just way too demanding! This time I was at work, about 5 miles away, and again, it just didn't work.

Finally, one day I was driving by the beach on the way home enjoying the beautiful day. I get a message on Grindr that someone else sends me, and it says he's really close by. "Want to hang?" I ask? No place, of course. But, he tells me of a nearby bathroom that we can hang in..very quiet and discreet.  While I usually don't enjoy bathroom scenes, car scenes or motel scenes, I was horny, so this time I agreed.

I end up meeting him at the bathroom, walk in and see him standing at the urinal. I check to make sure that nobody was in the bathroom and take out my cock. He already has his cock out, he's Indian (from India, not with a head-dress Indian) and he's uncut. He's pulling his foreskin over his cock head as he's jerking off. This isn't as hot as I would have hoped. He turns and grabs my cock as I'm blowing my load and he also unloads.

I turn and wash up as he leaves. This is one hookup I won't want to duplicate.


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