Begin Again: "About Me"


(Originally posted 8/19/2009)
Here we's some more detailed information about me. I'm a very young looking mid-40's guy. Most people think I'm in my 30's and can easily pass for that. I went to college on the east coast as well as graduate school (a smarty!). In school, I was a slut (not much has changed jjk :) ) I was known to be the guy most likely to bed down the girl. I had numerous nickname associated with my sexual proclivity, which I won't reveal, so as to remain anonymous. However, suffice it to say that I have slept with my share of women, both beautiful and not so beautiful (hey, we all get drunk don't we?)

My earliest recognition of guys was probably in my early years. When I was 6 or 7, I remember having a neighbor who was my age that we used to go into his shed and play I show you, you show me. I guess the fact that I remember that from such a young age means that it was an important act. Maybe this is the beginning of my bisexual side. Kind of kicks the asses of the "learned" proponents out there that say homosexuality is a choice. I mean, at 6, I wasn't pre-disposed to sexuality. It was something I was interested in, and something that remained an interest until this day.
As far as I can remember, in my teenage years, I also had a neighbor who used to take out his dick and show me it. I don't believe any touching was involved. All this action makes you want to be my neighbor, no? Won't you be mine? (for those of you who don't recognize this reference, your probably too young to remember Mister Rodgers) I also had a friend in high school who I assume was straight, but we engaged in lets say, touching. He would stick his hand down my pants, and I down his. It was quick, unfulfilling, but at the time, quite exciting. I remember jerking off to pictures of underwear catalogs, or in Playboy or Penthouse. I remember I had a few select issues that had guys in them, as supporting characters. They were showing bare asses, or side cock pics. Back then, that was sufficient for jerk-off material.

My first real experience? It was hot....

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