Begin Again: "Picture Perfect, or Not, Part II"


(Originally posted 8/27/2009)
As luck would have it, my wife and kids decided that they were going away on a holiday weekend and stay away for a few nights. This never happens, and you know I looked forward my time alone with great anticipation.

I spoke with Lance, and we planned a night at his place. This would be my actual first time spending the night with a man in his bed. When I got there on Friday, we hung out a little, took our usual shower together, and had sex. He then cooked me a great dinner, we had some great conversation, cuddled watching a movie on his couch in front of the TV. Again, we headed to bed and had some great sex. Lance was into getting rimmed, and while at that point, I had not really done that a whole lot, I obliged. It was, after all, a means to an end, so to speak. After all, we were both obsessed with cleanliness, and a clean ass is as nice as a clean mouth (or nearly as nice).

Its funny though, when I think about Lance, our times together, the dinners, the sex, the showers, what I really remember most, was watching him sleep that night. He was incredibly cute sleeping there. I was up most of the night stroking his chest, caressing his ass, touching his body. I probably slept an hour that night, but enjoyed every minute of my "insomnia". It was a new experience for me and I loved it. There is nothing like laying next to a man in bed, especially someone you care for.

The next morning, we woke, and I made him breakfast. (Yes! I can cook!) We hung out for most of the day, did our shower/sex thing a few times. I left Saturday afternoon, not wanting to raise any suspicion at home, or miss a phone call. I found myself empty in my house, alone. It was very depressing. I was no longer with Lance, occupied and having fun. My family was gone, no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, just deep, dark quiet. It sent me into a spiral of depression. I have no idea why. More on that at a future date.

Lance and I saw each other for a few months. I really loved him..he had a great personality, was really cute, and we seemed to click. He had a southern way about him (he was from down south). A real sweet person, a gentle man, quiet, thoughtful. He was "slow" but not retarded slow..he was careful with his words, sensitive, really calm. I found his personality rubbed off on me, making me very relaxed in his presence.

Despite our connection though, what was good for me, wasn't necessarily great for him. Lance wanted, and deserved more. He got to see me when I could get away, when my schedule permitted. When I left him, I left him alone, me running back to a busy family life and that wasn't' fair. I couldn't offer what Lance wanted, and though we still keep in touch, we had to end our relationship. It wasn't until more recently, that I would find what I really wanted. My long, hard search for the perfect match was over...or so I thought.

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