Begin Again: "Picture Perfect, or Not"


(Originally posted 8/26/2009)
So, I make plans to go to this guys house to take some real professional pictures for posting on the Internet. I find out he is a shorter guy, probably around 5'6", weighs about 150, and is as gay as the the galloping gourmet (if you know who that is I suppose we were born in the same era). I mean, he's masculine and all, just gay.

When I arrive, I am pleased to see who will be photographing me. Super smile, super cute, slim and fun to talk to. Lance started taking some candid shots, which were clothed. After a few apple martinis, we started to take the nudes. It was uncomfortable for me at first, but being around him made me comfortable. He was totally professional. When I mentioned that its not easy being the object of his camera work naked, he obliged and got nude himself.

Let me say first, that a lot matters to me. I already listed my requirements in a guy and types I like. That list probably is abbreviated. But one thing that doesn't matter to me is cock size. I could really care less. I prefer cut cocks...prefer nice looking cocks...but size? It doesn't matter.

Lance, as it turned out had a smallish cock. He was very self conscience about it too. But he needn't be. He was smallish in stature, so his cock size seemed..lets say.. appropriate. Pluse, his beautiful blue eyes, slim yet toned body, and cute fucking ass made up for it. After all, when he's turned over, grabbing his pillow as I pound him, who cares what size his cock is.

That night, Lance and I did nothing more than jerk off and suck each other. But on other nights, he turned out to be a very hospitable bottom, very cute..and I still hold fondness for him. He shared my obsession for cleanliness, and showering together before, and after sex, was a ritual. To that point in my life, I could probably count on one hand how many guys I've fucked. But Lance and I made up for lost time. I learned to appreciate a good ass and having anal sex, to some extent. I would drop by Lance's on some days, but there was one time I spent with Lance in particular that was a real "ah-ha" moment.

More to come.... ;)

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