Begin Again: "Sex Part(ies)"


(Originally posted 8/22/2009)

To this point in my life, I had been with various guys and like my time with David, it was mostly jerking off and getting sucked. I had very little experience fucking a guy and never (thank god) had been fucked. I had met guys, mostly on the Internet, sometimes at various "cruising" locations like bathrooms, beaches, and porno shops, book stores. Never have I ever had anal sex with a guy from one of those places. Mostly, it was jerking off, and more than not, it was using my hand. Hope that makes sense. lol I also, started going to masseurs who advertise on the Internet, who provide "release" after the massages. Most of the time, these guys ended up not charging me for their massages, because they liked the "canvas" they were working on. Lucky me!

Well, I guess it was time to expand my experiences. I had corresponded with someone involved with a youngish private underwear/sex party. I was extremely nervous the first time I went. First off, the party was for younger guys, under 30 years of age. I at that point was probably in my mid-thirties. But, I could easily pass for under 30. To this day, I don't look my current mid-40 age.
I ended up going to this party numerous times. Most times, I was a voyeur, just looking at some hot guys, touching guys, and being involved in circle jerks. However, I was, and still am a pretty picky person. I'm not attracted to guys my age, not attracted to out of shape guys, and also prefer guys who are smooth, with cut cocks. Stupid I know.

I think my attraction is based on my high school years. If you read my previous blog entries (and I hope you have), you know that I wasn't Mr. Popular in high school, and in actuality, in elementary school either. That changed, but maybe my attraction to younger guys (however, totally legal aged, of course) is to gain acceptance from these guys that wouldn't even talk to me back then. I was, and still, am attracted to these guys. The typical type? A&F dudes. Love them. More about that in a future post.

Well, at some point, after a few years of going to these parties, maybe I've gone about 10 times, maybe 12 times. I was pretty comfortable. I became friendly with the host, and started to be known as the "straight guy at the party". I can remember one time, where a very hot guy was pursuing me, seemed my type and I ended up fucking him (safely of course). It probably was the only time I fucked a guy I didn't know. It was pretty hot. But still, I was not enamored with anal sex. I guess, you have to get past the fact that the anus is a vehicle for excrement. That's a hard fact to avoid. :) Its a constant struggle for me. Oh yea, I love a hot ass, but you have to be clean, and I have to be in the mood...and the ass has to be hot. (Did I say that yet? lol)

Anyway, I ended up stopping going to the parties. They didn't fit my lifestyle which was pretty healthy, i.e., early to bed, no drinking, safe sex. I also had to account to my wife where I was going on these late nights when I wouldn't come home until about 2am. Very unlike me.

At some point I met "Lance". I met him too on the Internet. He was a photographer and was going to take some pictures of me for posting. Little did I know, that I would fall in love with a man for the first time.

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